Seniors at Town and Country

Enjoying bowling during our 

Senior Discount Days  

on Tuesdays or Thursdays 

from 9am until 5pm!


Bowl for $1.75 per game/ $1.50 shoe


Join a league now,  it's never too late! Bowling is a life  long sport.  Just ask any one of our Seniors!



** Restaurant runs Senior Lunch Specials** on Tues/Thurs most meals are under $5 !!

Senior League FUN 2016-2016

Enjoy building friendships while bowling league!   Make bowling part of a healthy active lifestyle. Burn 240 calories per game. 3 games is equal to walking a mile! 

If you have joint or muscle concerns please see Don, Billy, or Kathy Kaplan who can watch your ball swing and help make suggestions which may improve your delivery using the correct muscle groups. 


Town and Country Lanes
will help you celebrate
your birthday during Senior
League!  All kids 90 years "young"
 and older receive a free birthday
cake and coffee to share with
your league guests.