Up beat, family friendly, party atmosphere where family, friends and fun collide!

Fridays 7-Midnight
Saturdays 6pm-1am
Glow Lane Specials
$12.00 for 2 hours of unlimited games/shoes per person!
 5 guests or more per lane:
$11 for 2 hour all you can bowl per person!
Last 2 hours of Glow Bowl
everyone is $10 for 2 hours all you can bowl with shoes per person!
**shoes included**
Outside coupons are not valid during glow bowl.
This event is not recommended for
individuals who have seizure issues.
Need a group rate?
Lane discounts can be given by front desk with 5+ guests per lane
Group rates are quoted by management.
Call us before your event 503-390-2221 
or email details to 
We rent lanes by the hour for $35 per lane



Customize your music
experience during
Moonglow Bowling

NW IT Amusement has installed
a Juke Box with internet connection.
*Powerful 250 W Amplifier
*USB Key Drive to update music
*Holds over 20,000 songs
*New songs the day of the release
*New speakers added to the lanes to
balance out your sound experience

Remember we are a family orientated
sports/entertainment venue and all
music needs to be acceptable for our
guests.  If the tune create issues it will
be deleted without a refund.


**Friday/Saturday night recreational bowling is on a first come first served basis unless you called in earlier and were place on

the walk in waiting list.  Management reserves the right

to consider each request individually.


**As groups leave it may be necessary to move your

bowling party (scores in tact) to another lane to make room

for a large group or additional guests joining a bowling

party which started earlier.


**Lanes being held or not being bowled on for 15 minutes may

be subject to an hourly service charge when the house is full and

there are guests waiting to bowl.  If you choose to wait for

your entire group to show up before bowling you do so at

the risk of ending your event early because of the reservation

or group who is bowling at a scheduled time after you.


**We reserve the right to designate where parties are placed

in the bowling center & will as often as possible consider your requests.


**We trust that everyone will work together to provide

a wonderful evening of fun and recreation.


**Use the contact form below for initial questions,

reservation set ups, or walk in list requests.  There is a

deposit required on all reservations.  No deposit

required on waiting list requests.

We look forward to hearing from you.
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