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Mission Statement:  It is our belief that the children of 

our community today are the cornerstones of tomorrow. 

 It is therefore our mission to provide programs

 that promote structure, team building, an opportunity

 to strengthen family bonds and a means to offer 

encouragement for personal growth.






  Oregon Grand Prix Scholarship Program


We proudly participate in the 

Grand Prix Scholarship Program.   

This program rewards participation in 

bowling and provides funding  

for youth that might not otherwise 

have the opportunity to obtain 

scholarships, since most are awarded on 

the basis of academic  

achievement and/or athletic skill.  

Funding is provided for approved 

advanced education-college or 

trade school.  Most youth leagues 

offered at Town & Country Lanes 

meet the standards established by the 

Grand Prix Program and the United States 

Bowling Congress (USBC).  To be eligible 

you must bowl in a league that is certified 

through the local U.S.B.C. and must 

register and pay the annual fee to 

participate in the Grand Prix. (The annual 

fee for U.S.B.C. card currently is  $17.00 

and the registration and annual fee for 

Grand Prix is $5.00.) Youth earn points

 by participating in house, local and 

state activities.  As mentioned all scholarships 

are based on participation.  Descriptions

 below show the points earned for each 

league or tournament.



Winter Programs

Saturday Morning Youth League:
1pt. per game
League begins on the first Saturday after Labor
Day.  Day: Saturday, Time: 9:30am, Cost: $9.00 per week.
High School: - 1pt. per game
Bowlers belonging to their local High School teams earn scholarship points plus qualify for varsity letters.  Contact your High School's Sports Department for availability.  Time: Varies depending on coaches schedule,  Cost to practice: $1.00 per game.
Home School
Home school families meet every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month for networking and socializing.  Time: 1:30pm, Cost:  $2.50 per game, $1 shoe rental.  (Grand Prix Scholarship points available if groups decide to make this a USBC certified league)
College Classes
 Classes offered through Chemeketa Community College.  Cost for class $60.00 per term.  Coach: Kathy Kaplan, Certified USBC Bronze Coach.
We offer local schools use of our portable bowling equipment and in school curriculum to enhance their physical education program.  Talk to your local school to see if they are participating in this special event.  Town & Country is working with private & public school Kindergarten programs. Our coached are bringing portable bowling lanes to the classrooms for a "Kindergarten Bowl". We combine the physical activity of bowling and reading/math skill development through flashcards & learning to subtract numbers from a set of 10.

The Youth Sports Program
needs your old bowling balls,
bags, shoes and trophies.
There are young bowlers
learning the sport who can
put these loved items to use
and give them a new life. Your
old trophies are upgraded
and given out during social
events. Great opportunity to
 clean out your closet!


   Summer Programs

   Summer Fun League:
 2pts per game
Sign-ups begin in April and league begins on the second week in May. Day: Saturday, Time: 10:00am, Cost: $9.00 per week.  This is a 16 week summer league. Note: Kids earn double the points.
    Adult/Youth League
    2pts. per game 
Sign-ups begin in April, this is a mixed 4's league with at least one adult per team.  Day: Tuesday, Time: 6:30pm, Cost: $11.00 per adult, $9.00 per youth.  What a great way to spend time with the kids!  Great for any age.   

Additional Opportunities to Earn Scholarship points!

Local Youth Tournaments
1pt. per game (Team event = 3 games, Doubles Event = 3 games, Singles Event = 3 games) Total 9pts.
 State Tournament
1pt. per game (Team event = 3 games, Doubles Event = 3 games, Singles Event = 3 games) Total 9pts.
Oregon Grand Prix Tournament 
1pt. per game (Team event = 3 games, Doubles Event = 3 games, Singles Event = 3 games) Total 9pts.
BPAA International Family Tournament 
1pt. per game (Team event = 3 games, Doubles Event = 3 games, Singles Event = 3 games) Total 9pts.

1pt. per game (Team event = 3 games, Doubles Event = 3 games, Singles Event = 3 games) Total 9pts.  

Center Points 
(These points are given at the coach's discretion) Perfect Attendance - 5pts. League Officer - 2pts. Extra fund-raising ($50.00min.) 3pts. Bring in a new bowler - 3pts. (new bowler must bowl 2/3 of the season)

 After School Programs, Youth League,

 Tournements & the Adult/Youth League  

add Grand Prix College Scholarship

Points to your child's account! 





New to bowling?  

Want to improve your delivery?   


Ask for private or group  

lessons with our Bronze Certified Coach! Call 




Call Kathy Kaplan, 503-559-9178, or 

Lynn King, 503-990-2630, 

for info on our In School Bowling 

Program for Kindergarten, and 

Elementary Students! We teach at public, 

private, and home school locations.