New to Bowling?



You have chosen a wonderful sport embedded with tradition,

spunk, and quite a history


Enjoy an introduction to  

bowling provided by YouTube. 


Bowler Etiquette

** Be prepared to take your turn on the lane.

**Remember the bowler on the right has the right of way.

**If a bowler to the left picks up the ball from the ball return

before you, allow him/her to bowl first.

**Stay in your own approach area. After your ball hits the

pins, walk directly to the back of the approach.

**Be on time...don't make the other bowlers wait.

**Don't talk to or bug a bowler after he/she has taken

his/her position on the approach.

**Stay behind the foul line at all times.






Common Bowling Terms


- Approach:  The area at least 15' long, on which the player

walks to the foul line. Usually adjacent to the ball

returns and has spots embedded in the approach to aid

in lining up.   


- Back swing: Portion of bowler's delivery from the time  

the ball breaks the lateral plain of the body until the ball

reaches the apex of the bowler's swing.


- Backend:  The 15' of lane directly preceding

the head pin.


- Boards:  Any one of the 39 one inch wide individual

pieces of wood pieced together to comprise the surface of

the lane.


- Break Point:  The portion of the lane where the bowling

ball completes its transition from skid to traction and

provides the greatest amount of hook. This generally

occurs in the last 20 feet of the lane. 


- Channel (or Gutter):  There are 2 channels on each side

of the lane. Once a ball falls into the channel or gutter before

hitting the pins, the bowler shall receive a zero. 


- Follow through:  Portion of bowler's delivery after the  

ball has been released.


- Foul:  Touching or going beyond the foul line. When a

bowler fouls they receive a zero count for that delivery. 


- Foul Line:  The line separating the approach from the lane.

Bowlers must remain behind the line for pinfall to count. 


- Frame:  One-tenth of a game. Each square on score sheet

is one frame. Each frame includes up to 2 ball rolls in

which the bowler attempts to knock down pins.  The tenth

frame can include up to 3 ball rolls. 


- Gutter ball:  Delivery which rolls off the lane and into

the gutter. Once a ball falls into the channel or gutter

before hitting the pins, the bowler shall receive a zero. 


 Lane:  The playing surface. It is usually a wooden or

urethane deck 62'10-3/4" long and 42" wide with

ten pins spaced 1 foot apart 60 ' from the foul line.

Pins are on and gutters are at the side of, not part  

of, the lane. The lane does not include

the "approach". 


- Mark:  Point on the lane at which the bowler is aiming.


- Pocket:  Area between 1-2 pins for a lefty and 1-3 pins  

for a right hander.


- Spare:  Knocking down all remaining pins in the second  

ball or delivery.


- Split:  Two or more pins that remain standing after the

1st ball has been delivered. 

- Strike: Knocking down all 10 pins with the first

ball or delivery. 


- Target:  Where on the bowling lane the bowler is looking  

to place the ball.




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